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Certified Career Counsellor Program (CCCP)

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Ultimate goal is to balance between individual’s Aspirations & Abilities

Career Building is a combination of 3 vital steps - Career Assessment, Career Planning and Skill Building. Counsellors bank on scientific approach and mitigate the challenges to onboard all the stakeholders for a successful career building exercise. Counselling is beyond suggestions but handholding to guide a student towards successful career and happy life.

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Why Counselling as a Career

  • 30 Crore students - Appx 1.8 Cr in Class 10
  • 1 in 6 students need Career Guidance
  • 15L Counsellors required in India shortly
  • 71% of students think critically about careers
  • NEP 2020 encourages scientific methods
  • Scientific Approach becoming popular
  • Parents are opening up for alternate careers
  • Good for career change / entrepreneurial option
  • Offer add-on services such as Skill Building

Best-rated Career Counselling &
Training Program

The Course was designed and developed by professionals from Psychology, Management and Technology to mitigate the gaps in the availability of quality Career Counsellors. It is India’s time to shine. Improving educational standards and approach toward holistic education demanding skilled talent in the domain of Career Guidance & Skill Building. We are scientific and developed project-based learning to ensure high-quality delivery.

Changing Winds, Careers, New Approach

Progressive parents, changing career dynamics and globalization are turning career counselling into a challenging task for the untrained professionals. There is a systematic approach towards balancing the aspirations and abilities while onboarding all the stakeholders. This is what our program intends to create - A true global career counsellor.


Designed and Developed by professionals affiliated and accredited to reputed national and international organizations to create future-ready professionals.

Structured program

Curriculum with hands-on experience to impart career guidance & counselling skills. Mentor-led program with content & videos.

Hybrid Learning

Live interactive masterclasses along with practice videos with dashboard to effectively convert knowledge into skills.

Our Pedagogy

Holistic curriculum with a multi-faceted learning experience. Notes, 1-on-1 interaction, case studies, etc. to be market-ready

Qualified Trainers
  • Qualified Trainers

Hand-picked trainers from across the globe to gain relevant knowledge and perspectives to be a true global professional.

Certification & Support

Accredited certificate with alumni status. We would support you in building your business -- Website, White-labelled app, etc. to get you up & running.

Why Choose Us

Why the CCCP is Ranked Top Among the Leading Online & Offline Training Programs

What matters is a program that is relevant and contemporary to train an individual into a future-ready professional along with tools & technology.


Clinical Psychology 101

Learn about basics of Human Mind, Developmental stages, Personality, Psychosocial Model, Learning Disabilities, Laws, Remedial, & more.


Career Building

Understand Current & Emerging Careers, Associated Models, balancing Aspirations Vs Abilities, Scientific Approach, Psychometric Assessments, etc.


Conducting a Session

Learn to initiate a Session, handling High School & Graduates, Administering Assessments, Decoding the report, measure success and seek feedback.


Indian & Abroad Education

Thanks to globalization, students are thinking beyond boundaries. Learn about Indian & Western education, STEM/Non-STEM, ratings, documentation, etc.


Counselling Skills

It is an art and science to guide an individual towards their goal while maintaining Ethics, Best Practices, Handle Challenges, know Limitations, Research etc


Launching Yourself

Explore the options and processes to either launch your career or turn into an entrepreneur with white labelled turnkey solutions.

Our Mentors

Trainers & Mentors from India & Abroad to give you right perspective about Career Planning & Counselling


Prof. Shanmuk V Kumble


Renowned Psychologist, a researcher with popular publications. Passionate about improving professionalism.


Mark McGuinness


Career & Leadership Coach, Author, and Master trainer. Engaged in various international training events.


Dr. Vijay Bonam


Expert and active leader in corporate psychology and counselling. Engaged with Government and UN projects.


Dr. Adrian Onicas


Clinical Psychologist and researcher in Neuroscience. Specialist in child and adolescence development.


Dr. Pavan Kumar


Corporate Trainer, Special needs Therapist, Researcher and Career Coach


Dr. Usha Pasupulati


Leader and mentor in the field of child development. Certified counsellor and therapist with numerous publications


Ms. Kathleen Kettles


Sought after Counsellor, Master coach, and behavioural expert. Researcher in the field of humanistic psychology.


Ms. Nirupama Korada


Career Coach, Trainer and Speaker. Certified Rehabilitation Counsellor from Illinois Institute of Technology


Ms. Mridhu M Sharma


Performance Consultant, Mind Coach, Sports Psychologist, Trainer and Counsellor

Program Highlights

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White-Labelling App

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Build your Brand

Realize your dream to be your own boss and prove your mettle through giving life to your idea. We would help you in building your brand with our solution.

Technical Tools

Be it a Website, Online Assessments, Web Application, Counselling platform or such to establish yourself, we would provide them all under your own brand in a day.

24 x 7 Support

Enjoy unlimited support from our backend team to keep you up and running even while you are resting. Hassle-free technical and assessment solutions just for you.

Auto Improvements

You could Integrate our assessments, skill-building programs, webinars into your profile to increase your reach. We would take care of the updates and improvements.

Customization: Have something specific in your mind? Discuss with our team and we could build a customized assessment or an application or a skill building program in a jiffy. Be the specialist in your domain and add value like never before.


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It's o.k to have queries. We have listed below few frequently asked queries & Answers for you.

As an experienced career counsellor, you could be more effective by adopting a scientific approach to career planning. Our training program gives you deep insight into the stages of career counselling and prepares you to handle complex scenarios. Alumni and mentor support would make you confident.

You have two options to select Freelancer & Partner with each catering to your specific needs. In case you have opted for the Partner program our team would take care of your website, hosting, application deployment, assessments, setting up accounts, etc so that you could simply start your business from day one.

Certified Career Counsellor Program (CCCP) is a well-structured program covering from basics to advanced concepts related to career counselling. Post completion of the course you would be awarded a certificate and alumni status to get the support required to start your journey as a career counsellor. You could get 1-year of free enrolment as a Freelancer for our app.

MindsCue's web application is a holistic approach towards Career Guidance. It has various psychometric assessments related to careers and personal development, Counselling scheduler, Skill-building module, Career resources and such. This is a one-stop app for all your business needs. If you opt for a Partner program you could start offering services using our application.

Every professional dream about having their own brand and we support your dream. White-Labelling enables you to use our web application under your own brand. Customers would see your brand or log on to the website and application and on the marketing literature. This way you could own and maintain a brand without investing a penny into the technology. Our tech team would setup and maintain for you so that you could conduct your business without any hassles.

In case you are a fresher inclined to be a career counsellor or a professional who would like to venture into this field, training is the primary need. We would recommend you to commit to the Certified Career Counsellor Program (CCCP) where you would learn the procedures and techniques to be a career counsellor. You could even opt for the Partner program where you would get all the assessments and skill-building modules along with the web application to start your journey as a career counsellor.

No worries! Sometimes even professionals need help. Schedule a call with our mentor who could guide you through the process and suggest the best way for you to be an effective career counsellor or add value to your existing business. This is the ideal way to deal with ambiguity.