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Identify right talent from the crowd using customized assessments and online proctored interviews to improve employee retention

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Screening, Recruitment Proctoring, and Retention Tools & Solutions

It is a challenging task to recruit the right talent from the crowd. Offering online assessment based screening and recruitment solutions coupled with online proctoring and video interview for reduced costs and increased efficiency.

Assure retention of employees through periodical evaluation, assessments, analysis and growth planning. Offer holistic mental health solutions to turn into a supportive organization.


Our Services

Holistic solutions to empower organizations to recruit and manage their human resources effectively.

Screening & Recruitment

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Online psychometric and employability assessments to identify best fit resource at fresher and lateral levels.

Evaluations & Mental Health

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Periodical assessments for employment development and mental health support for a balanced organization.

Proctored Solutions

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Online proctored solutions for assessments & video-based interviews to ensure quality recruitment.


Customized solutions just for you

We understand that every organization is unique in its own way and may need customized solutions to meet their recruitment and employee retention demands. We are team of professionals from HR, Technology, Clinical Psychology, Career Counselling, and such to understand your requirement. We offer customized solutions to meet your specific needs so that you could focus on what you are good at. We are tech-savvy and all our solutions are online to save resources and be efficient.

Our mental health solutions include workshops, talk-therapies, one-on-one sessions and more to offer first-responder support for the employees to counter the issues related to challenging personal and professional demands.

Why entrust MindsCue with your employee related solutions?

Understanding the problem is half the solution. It takes an expert to do so.

We have relevant experience and expertise backed up by our technological backbone to offer the right solutions related to your human resources. Be it recruitment or retention or mental health we have solutions to keep you on track with your organizational goals. We are scientific in approach with analytical mindset to offer one-stop solution.

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Advantages of one-stop online solution

  • Substitution of Traditional Method of Market
  • An effective way to recruit and retain employees
  • Proctoring solutions to meet quality standards
  • On-demand Mental health support
  • Reduction in costs and raise employee standards
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Gives more value to employees
  • Secured and standardized procedures
  • 24*7 support by the experts
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