Career Options

Below listed are the major jobs within the fold of Civil Services, followed by required qualifications, career path to adopt, expected salaries, Job demands and list of subjects to consider to have a breakthrough.

  • Group A & B
  • Other Group services
  • State Civil Services

What You Need To Know

One of the toughest test to crack, Civil service exam is being conducted by Union Public Service Exams (UPSC). To give you a perspective on the competition nearly 400,000 aspirants attempt to secure around 1000 available positions. This test is not for everyone, but a few having right combinations of skills, attitudes, personality, and other key traits. Through this exams UPSC fills the key and strategic positions that help in policy making, public administration and reforms.

There is no fixed qualification requirement for this career option however students from Arts and Humanities background will have advantage in having touch with the subjects covered in the exam such as current events, Indian and world history, Indian policy and governance, Economics, social sciences, Environmental issues, English, Logical reasoning, etc. The exam is divided in three stages – Preliminary followed by Main and Personal Interview.

It is a challenging career that demands devotion and integrity apart from the other required traits. Being at the helm of affairs it should be understood that it would be round the clock career. Even though it is associated with one of the best pay and perks, it comes at a cost of frequent transfers and postings that may not be as per your choice. Working close to the policy makers, the politicians and other associated parties, it takes more than subject knowledge.


Bachelor’s in any field as eligibility however a Master’s degree and beyond may be helpful for Arts, Commerce, Business fields.


Comprehension, Interpersonal skills, Critical thinking, Creative thinking, Networking, Decision making, problem solving, Mental ability, Numerical ability.

Expected Salary

Salary varies from entry level of around INR 55,000 to INR 250,000 for Cabinet secretary level. It also comes with lot of perks and benefits.

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