Career Options

Below listed are the major careers one could pursue in the field of Education, followed by required qualifications, career path to adopt, expected salaries, local and global demand and list of Institutions that are offering relevant courses.

  • Counselling
  • Curriculum development
  • Teacher / Professor
  • Training officer
  • Special educator

What You Need To Know

A traditional and most respected career option as it is directly associated with transforming lives of individuals thus helping to draft the future. Even though there are several new avenues developed lately, Education career option is mostly associated with the demand for the particular subject you are related to. As you gain enough experience in the field of your operation there could be elevation to the policy or development level.

With the changing demands from the market, it is advisable to have Master’s degree in the relevant subject, however a Bachelor’s degree could help you to start at the lower level of the career ladder. It is must to have specialized certification or registration for few job roles. You should be constantly updating your knowledge by attending seminars, discussions with peers, etc.

Depending on the depth of subject knowledge, relevant experience and association one could travel on the career path from being a teacher and work towards being an expert, curriculum developer and trainer. With advent of private institutions and their association with foreign institutions there has been increased career options and packages. We could see a trend where the subject expert usually shares her knowledge through writing books.


Even though Bachelor’s degree will work for a lower level start, it is highly recommended to have Master’s degree with specialization to have better career start. B.Ed is required for some positions and would be definitely be an added advantage.


Deep subject knowledge, Communication skills, High levels of patience, Balanced personality, Scheduling skills, Evaluation skills.

Expected Salary

Initial entry level would be below 5L. A subject expert or a reputed counsellor could draw a package of INR 15-20L.

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