Career Options

Below listed are the major careers one could pursue in the field of Logistics & Distribution followed by required qualifications, career path to adopt, expected salaries, local and global demand and list of Institutions that are offering relevant courses.

  • Cost Estimators
  • Warehousing Specialist
  • Relocation specialist
  • Military Logistics
  • Dispatch scheduler

What You Need To Know

This career is associated with analyzing and coordinating an organization’s supply chain. It is a critical part of manufacturing and supply where the product reaches from the manufacturing location to the market. It is part of the managing product life cycle managing continuous availability meeting the market demands, while reducing the overheads. On the other end, it also ensures constant supply of raw materials and related items to the production units for seamless manufacturing. It is also associated with proper storage in most economical way.

A bachelor’s degree in business, supply chain management or arts would be helpful in understanding the integrities involved in this career option. There is lot of demand from public sector as each state government including central government involves in storage and distribution of essentials for the public. Apart from the manufacturing sector, corporates are venturing into agriculture, retail, logistics and such fields which is increasing demand of qualified and trained professions.

A person with understanding of the products, geographical network and markets would have advantage in having a better start in this career field. It is a challenging career option as organizations are leaning towards minimum stocking and timely availability of their products for the market.


Bachelor’s degree in Logistics & Supply chain or Business Administration would be good for a start however there are premium institutions offering M.B.A programs that would ensure a good takeoff point in this career.


Analytical skills, Critical thinking, Communication skills, People skills, Organization skills.

Expected Salary

A starter with bachelor’s degree from reputed institution could expect a salary bracket of INR 5 – 6L per annum. However with M.B.A you could expect a higher salary bracket of around INR 8 - 10L, depending on the institution and relevant exposure.

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