Career Options

Below listed are the major careers one could pursue in the field of Mathematics followed by required qualifications, career path to adopt, expected salaries, local and global demand and list of Institutions that are offering relevant courses.

  • Mathematical Economics
  • Theoretical Mathematics
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Cryptographer
  • Statistician

What You Need To Know

Mathematics is base for higher end Financial, Physical science, Engineering, Operations and Computational fields of study. It could found in all major fields and the one with strong mathematical knowledge could enter into any of these fields, with basic understanding of the field. Lately Mathematicians are highly absorbed into Actuary, Computer sciences, Statistics fields as there is lot of number crunching and logic involved in these areas. Please note that Mathematicians are even used as Cryptographers to break the codes and encryption.

If you are interested in taking up this career you should start brushing your math skills and plan to get a bachelors’ degree to start with. To be an asset in this career you should aim to achieve master’s degree and beyond, i.e doctorate. With Mathematics degree many institutions allow students to take up computer science, physics, statistics, etc courses which signifies the value of this field of study.

Mostly associated with crunching numbers, formulating rules & theories, concepts, and researching the work is always associated with solving real-world problems. It is a career that needs patience and focus as sometimes you could work on an issue for a longer period of time than you have estimated. With higher experience and exposure one could turn to academics as professors or turn into consultants.


Bachelor’s degree and Master’s in Mathematics and Statistics from a reputed university is a good way to start. Students could opt for pure or applied Mathematics and Statistics based on their interest. PhD program is one more option to pursue.


Critical thinking, Problem solving skills, Communication skills, Analytical skills, Interpersonal skills, Managerial skills, Decision making skills.

Expected Salary

A master’s degree from a reputed institution would attract a salary package of INR 8-10L. It is a field where there would always be a demand for new talent and approach and the rewards would be exponential.

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