Career Options

Below listed are the major careers one could pursue in the field of Sports & Event Management followed by required qualifications, career path to adopt, expected salaries, local and global demand and list of Institutions that are offering relevant courses.

  • Sports Management
  • Commentator
  • Event Manager
  • Event Marketing Manager
  • Sports Psychologist

What You Need To Know

There is a misconception that most of the careers in the sports sector are only for athletes and someone not an athlete could enter into this career field. With latest developments and ever increasing events there is also demand for professionals with cross functional experience in the event management. We could not emphasize the importance of the team behind the team who would manage the sportsmen or the performers and the entire event in total. Hence it is a great opportunity if you inclined towards showmanship and would like to stay close to the happening.

There are professional courses that offer event management and sports management specializations, however anyone with relevant skills and interest could enter the field. The best way is to get into an internship program to find the niche area of your interest. It is a vast field with high stakes hence there is less chance for deviations or failures. However, the one with creative and critical thinking could definitely make difference in this career field.

This career field needs high level of people management skills, especially when you are dealing with celebrities and starts. It is challenging career with pressing demands for accuracy and efficiency. However, one could work on own terms by involving in couple of events or sports assignments per year while spending rest of the time as per their will.


There are institutions offering Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Event management and Sports Management. It is a good idea to get a formal degree to have better understanding of the field. However other degree holders with relevant skills could also opt for this career field.


People skills, Communication skills, Critical thinking, Innovative, Creative, Artistic, Presentation skills, Well-tempered.

Expected Salary

It is advisable to start your career with a reputed and relevant company. You could expect a package of around Rs. 3 -5L. Once you gain enough experience and client’s trust you could turn into a PRO or start your own company.

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