Career Options

Below listed are the major careers one could pursue in the field of Tourism & Entertainment followed by required qualifications, career path to adopt, expected salaries, local and global demand and list of Institutions that are offering relevant courses.

  • Holiday Planner
  • Medical Tourism Promoter
  • Travel Writer
  • Adventure Sports Conductor
  • Video / Disc Jockey

What You Need To Know

This is an upcoming field with increasing revenues as the average income and spending levels of Indians are increasing. There has been demand for high quality and personalized services in this field. India is dominated by its young population whose purview of life is almost in sync with the western world thus the demand for better Tourism and Entertainment offers. This industry is a service oriented and focused on delivering the experience hence it takes lot of planning, coordination and personalization. There are numerous jobs created every year and those with inclination towards travel and arts could flourish in this field of career.

It is a dynamic and creative field where customer always look for something new to have an unwinding experience. It takes spectrum of talent to create a tourism package or an entertainment theme to attract enough attention from the public. Along with this it takes lot of management, organizing and people skills along with financial knowhow, hence a formal degree would provide solid foundation on which the creativity and skill of a person could flourish.

This career needs close working with each customer or a group understanding their interests, budgets and lookout to provide a personalized tour or entertainment solution, sometimes on small scale but many times on a grand scale. Hence the professionals in this field should design and develop a scalable service at an economical price. It’s a demanding field with odd working hours and could give you sleepless nights until the curtain call.


Even though entertainment is a person or skill based one there are many exciting courses for Tourism. A bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Travel along with personal flair to travel would be a great combination.


Innovative, Detail oriented, Communication skills, Presentation skill, Adventurousness, Fitness, Artistic talent, Organizing skills,

Expected Salary

One could expect a starting package of Rs. 3 – 5L with a reputed Tourism or Entertainment organization. However, there is a latest trend where most of the youth are inclined towards starting their own firm offering new experiences to the customers.

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